Curriculum Vitae


Born: 29 April 1932

Married to: Irene Pineda, 24 May 1958; three daughters, Mina, Grace, Mia

Moved residence to Australia: 1977

Art Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts, major in painting: University of Notre Dame, Indiana USA, 1954
                              Post graduate studies under George Grosz, Arts Students League of New York, USA, 1955-56

Major solo exhibitions:
20-year Retrospective: Drawings. Cultural Center of the Philippines, 1974
Over 30 one-man-shows in the Philippines, including at the National Library (1963), Cultural Center of the Philippines (Small gallery, 1992), Ayala Museum (1992, 1993, and 1994).
In Australia: One man show at the Philippine Consulate, Sydney, 1982

Major Group Shows:
National Museum of the Philippines/ Cultural Center of the Philippines/ Metropolitan Museum/ various Art Association of the Philippines Annual shows/ Kamalig Gallery/ Luz Gallery/ Solidaridad Galleries.
In Australia: Watercolour Institute Annual Show at E. V. Erwing Museum 1981 & 1982; John Irving Gallery group exhibit of Philippine Artists, 1982; International Art and Photo Exhibition, Commonwealth Bank, 1983; The MetroSydney group, Dorian Grey Gallery, 1990; Mellow Mist Gallery, 1991; Museum of Contemporary Art "Images" Philippine Australian Artists Association, 1995.

Awards in Painting:
Green & Gold Artist : Centennial of Nicanor Reyes Sr., Far Eastern University, 1994
Artist of the Year : Art Association of the Philippines (AAP): 1975
Grand Prize, 25th Annual Show, AAP: 1972
Philippine representative, Paris Sud; France, 1972
Honorable Mention : Graphic Division, AAP, 1961
Third Prize, Students Art Show, University of Notre Dame, 1954
Silver Star, Students Art Show, University of Notre Dame, 1950

Writer's Awards:
- Manila Critics' Circle, National Book Award 1998
for "Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo & the Generation of 1872"
published by Eugenio Lopez Foundation, Inc. 1998

- Manila Critics' Circle, National Book Award 1993:
for Legaspi: The Making of a National Artist, 1993
published by The Crucible Workshop, 1993
- Citizens Council for Mass Media Award Outstanding Columnist, 1970
- Araw ng Pasay Heritage Award in journalism 1970
- Harvard International Seminar (under Dr. Henry Kissinger) Grant, 1965
- Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) in humanities, 1961

Books Published:
- The Story of the Philippines, McCormick-Mathers Publishing, USA 1968
- Drawings, Infinity Inc. 1974
- Amorsolo, Filipinas Foundation, 1975
- Sanso, Luis Ma. Araneta/ Filcapital Development Corporation/ General Bank and Trust Company, 1976
- Filipino Nude, Vera Reyes Press, 1977
- Culture Shock Philippines (co-author Grace Roces), Times Books, Singapore, 1985
- Philippine Cartoons, Political Cartoons of the American Era (co-author Dr. Alfred McCoy) Vera Reyes Press, 1985
- Medals & Shoes, Political Cartoons of the Times of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, 1965-1992 (co-author Irene Roces), Anvil Publications, 1992
- Legaspi, The Making of a National Artist, Crucible Workshop, 1993
- Breaking Out, An Eduardo Castrillo Sculptural Tour, Inyan Publishers, 1995
- Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo & The Generation of 1872, Eugenio Lopez Foundation, Inc., 1998
- Kiukok: Deconstructing Despair, Finale Art Gallery, 2000
- Looking for Liling, Anvil Publishing Inc., 2000

Journalist's CV:
Daily Columnist, Daily Mirror, 1958
Daily Columnist, The Manila Times, 1959-72
Editor-in-Chief, Filipino Heritage, 10 volume set, 1972-78
In Australia: Editor, Geo, Australasia's Geographical Magazine, 1978-90

Commissions received as artist:
Loyola Memorial, 1973
Convention Center of the Philippines, 1975

Paintings in the collections of:
National Museum of the Philippines
Cultural Center of the Philippines
Central Bank of the Philippines
Convention Center of the Philippines
Metropolitan Museum

Books where paintings are featured:
- Pananaw, Philippine Journal of Visual Arts, National Commission on Culture, 1997
- Art Philippines, by Juan Gatbonton (editor) Crucible Workshop, 1992
- Contemporary Philippine Art, by Manuel Duldulao, Vera Reyes Inc., Manila, 1972
- Christian Art in Asia by Masao Takenana; Kyo Bun Kwan, Tokyo, 1975
- The Struggle for Philippine Art by Ledesma/ Guerrero, Vera Reyes Inc., Manila, 1974
- The Culinary Culture of the Philippines, edited by Gilda Cordero Fernando, GCF Books, 1976
- Filipino Nude by Alfredo Roces, Vera Reyes Inc; Manila, 1977
- Ten Years of Saturdays, by Roces et al; Saturday Group, Manila, 1978
- Drawings, monograph on the 20-year retrospective at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Infinity Inc., Manila, 1974
- The National Museum Visual Arts Collection by Alice Guillermo, National Museum of the Philippines, Manila, 1991 (catalogue listing only)

- Public Relations Officer and Lecturer, Far Eastern University, 1959-60
- Member, City of Manila Arts Council; 1968-76
- Vice-Chairman, Council for Living Traditions; 1975-77
- President, Association of International Art Critics (AICA) Philippine Chapter, 1968
- Members Arts Committee, Forestville Community Arts Centre, NSW Australia 1992-94

Books Illustrated:
- The Complete Poems and Plays of Jose Rizal Translated by Nick Joaquin, Far Eastern University Press, 1976
- Stories of Long Ago, Panama Inc., 1966
- Where Slaves There Are None, Far Eastern University Press; 1959
- Of Cocks and Kites, Benipayo Press, 1958

Books Designed:
- Looking for Liling, by Alfredo Roces, Anvil Publishing Inc., 2000
- Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo & The Generation of 1872, by Alfredo Roces, Eugenio Lopez Foundation, Inc., 2000
- Mr. F.E.U., The Culture Hero That Was Nicanor Reyes, by Nick Joaquin, Far Eastern University, 1995
- Legaspi, the Making of a National Artist, Crucible Workshop, 1993
- Medals and Shoes, by Alfredo and Irene Roces, Anvil Publishing, 1992
- Philippine Cartoons, by Alfred McCoy and Alfredo Roces, Vera Reyes, 1985
- Filipino Heritage vols 4 to 10, Lahing Pilipino, 1978
- Sanso, by Alfredo Roces, Luis Ma. Araneta/ Gen. Bank, 1976
- Amorsolo by Alfredo Roces, Filipinas Foundation, 1975
- Drawings by Alfredo Roces, Infinity Inc., 1974

Other Relevant Data:
Pottery Exhibit: Kamalig Gallery, Manila, 1980 & 1982
Photography Exhibit: One man show, Australia Centre, Makati Manila 1992; Hotel Melia at Scots, Singapore, 1992; Kamalig Gallery, Manila 1982