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Joaquin "Titong" Reyes - Roces

- born September 28, currently 82 years old (as of 2001)
- married to Lita Bautista
- elementary and high school, Ateneo de Manila
- law school, University of Manila
- professor, English and Law at Far Eastern University (FEU)
- was a contributor at the Sports magazine of his brother, Rafael "Liling" R. Roces
     - won a prize at a short story contest back then
- during high school he used to write for the basketball team of his school
- "My Daily Bread", his column in the early 50's at Manila Times with famous character "Maneng the Barber"
- he then came out with a counterpart for Maneng when he created "Mameng the Manicurist" for Women's magazine
- was an adviser at FEU's school organ, Advocate
- another column with Manila Times called "This is my own", which was a sort of know your congress type, he continued this column with Malaya
- quote: "it meant much more to write now", referring to Martial Law era
- was spokesperson for "LABAN" where his brother, Alejandro "Anding" R. Roces, was candidate
- quote: "the only freeman is in prison", excerpt from his poem for Sen. Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino during the senator's imprisonment
- his brother, Liling, is his inspiration in writing
- a poet
- was appointed by former president Corazon Aquino as ambassador to Taipei
- in 1995 Manila Bulletin made him publisher of its two affiliate publications, Liwayway and Balita, which continues upto the present

*Notes from phone interview with Ms. Teresita B. Roces who spoke in behalf of her father, Joaquin "Titong" R. Roces. Date of interview was not noted.