ROCES: A Tradition in Philippine Print Media

Graphic Arts Services, Inc.

GASI was established in August 1, 1962. They established their own color separation services department in 1965 which is considered the first in the country. Its offices were at General Solano, San Miguel in Manila and were moved at No. 70 18th Avenue, Murphy, Quezon City. GASI used to published Woman's Home Companion, a sports magazine, a movie magazine and several illustrated weeklies in Tagalog. The company was later on divided by Doña Elena among her three children. GASI became Kislap Publishing Inc., Solid Gold Publishing, Inc. with Woman's Home Companion (as a separate company) and Sonic Printing Company.


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Doña Elena Roces Guerrero
former President of GASI

Alfredo "Bumbo" Roces Guerrero
Alfredo "Bumbo" R. Guerrero
former Executive Vice-President of GASI and currently president of Kislap Publishing, Inc.
Lydia "Cookie" Roces Guerrero
Lydia "Cookie" R. Guerrero
President of Woman's Home Companion and Solid Gold Publishing, Inc.
Xavier "Wahoo" Roces Guerrero
Xavier "Wahoo" R. Guerrero
former Director of GASI and at present owner of the printing company, Sonic.