ROCES: A Tradition in Philippine Print Media

Atlas Publishing Corporation

Atlas is the other half of the divided Capitol Publishing House, Inc. of Don Ramon Roces. The family of Doña Carmen R. Davila used to run the company. Weeklies, Mod Filipina published every Friday in English and Atlas Sports Weekly were two of the numerous publications then produced by the Davila owned publishing corporation. Currently, most of the Davilas had migrated to Hawaii, USA and they sold their company to the present owners of National Bookstore.

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Doña Carmen Roces-Davila


Carlos Roces Davila
Carlos R. Davila
Vice President for Sales and Circulation

Ramon R. Davila
Executive Vice President

Maria Elena R. Davila
Assistant General Manager

Angelo Roces Davila
Angelo R. Davila
Assistant Vice President for Sales and Circulation
Jose Ma. Roces Davila
Jose Ma. R. Davila
Assistant Vice President for Finance
Diana Roces Davila
Diana R. Davila
Corporate Secretary/ Treasurer
Gonzalo Roces Davila, Jr.
Gonzalo R. Davila, Jr.
Assistant Vice President for General Services