History of Journalism in the Philippines

History of Journalism in the Philippines
Graphic Kislap
Graphic was a magazine published by Ramon Roces in July 1927. It highly recognized Filipino literature by setting aside most of its pages for a Tagalog Literary Section. The paper ceased publication sometime before the Japanese occupation and resumed May 25, 1948. It was re-launched under the name Kislap, which later became Kislap-Graphic and was returned to Graphic.

Kislap, first came out as a tandem to Graphic on May 25, 1948. At present it is own by fourth generation Roces progeny, Alfredo Guerrero, who inherited the company from his grandfather, Don Ramon Roces. Kislap Publishing Inc. currently produces magazines such as Kislap, released on Fridays, Pilipino Reporter Magazine on Tuesdays, and Super Red Hot Intrigue on Mondays. There are various other titles of publications printed by the company on a weekly basis.